Yahoo7 customer support is always free of charge

Assistance from Yahoo7 Customer Care may come via email, chat, social media, help articles, or our Yahoo7 help community. Whether you forgot your Yahoo7 password, can't sign in to Yahoo7 Mail, or need help with another Yahoo7 product or service, Yahoo7 will NOT ask you to pay for support.

 Yahoo7 phone number - If you see a Yahoo7 customer service number posted online, it isn't Yahoo7 support.

Things Yahoo7 customer service won't do

  • Charge you to assist you in any way (reset your Yahoo7 password, provide technical support, or address abuse or Yahoo7 account security concerns).
  • Request to remotely connect to your computer for any support-related request.
  • Support or endorse third-party offerings that provide customer support for a fee.

  If you paid for help with your Yahoo7 account, you weren't working with Yahoo7 Customer Care. Contact your financial institution to report the charge as soon as possible and take these steps to review your Yahoo7 account's security.