Sign in prompt after checking the "Keep Me Signed In" box

We want it to be easy to stay signed into your account. We also want to help keep your account secure.

You can be prompted to sign in again because of

  • Where or how you sign into your account.
  • Computer or software settings.


How you sign in

You're signed out

You may have accidentally clicked Sign Out

You're going to the Account Info page

For your security, we always ask for your password when you access sensitive information.

You're signing in to a different Yahoo7 account

Signing into a different Yahoo7 account, even in a new browser window or tab, will automatically sign you out of the first account.
Learn how to sign in to more than one account at a time.

Computer or software settings

Your security software is automatically clearing cookies

When cookies are cleared, you'll have to sign in again when you re-open your browser.

  • Disable or uninstall any security programs that clear sign-in cookies each time you close your browser.
    - Learn how to turn off anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall products.
  • Modify the security program settings so they don't delete cookies for the "" domain.
    - For information about modifying settings, refer to the product's help file.

Your browser is automatically clearing cookies

Check if your browser is automatically clearing cookies.
Learn how to check if your browser is automatically clearing cookies.

Your cookies were manually cleared

Clearing the cookies that keep you signed in to Yahoo7 means you'll have to sign in again the next time you access your account.

Your cookie file has been corrupted

Clear your cookies if they've become corrupted.
Learn how to clear your browser's cookies.