Report abuse on Yahoo7 Answers

You make a difference in shaping Yahoo7 Answers. This is why we need your help in keeping the Answers community a safe place to stay on the web by reporting abusive content when you see it.

Reporting an answer or comment

  1. From the answer or comment, click the Report Abuse icon Report Abuse Icon.
  2. Select the type of abuse that is most accurate in describing to the content selected.
    Tip: Click more to find in-depth descriptions of each violation.
  3. Enter any specific comments about the report in the "Additional Details" dialog box.
  4. Click Report Abuse.

The Yahoo7 Answers community must abide by the Community Guidelines and Yahoo7 Terms. Although you won't receive a notification, be assured that we'll fully review your report and take appropriate action per the Terms.

Thanks for helping us keep Yahoo7 Answers the best place to find information on the web.