Dispute a SearchScan warning

Webmasters: learn how to dispute a SearchScan warning that appears on the Yahoo Search results page. Learn more about SearchScan.

Webmasters - This answer is intended for you. If you're not a webmaster (you don't administer a website) this answer isn't relevant to you.

Confirm that SearchScan has flagged your website

SearchScan warnings are generated by Bing, Microsoft's search technology. Because SearchScan warnings display differently on Yahoo Search than they do on Bing, it's best to check your website in Bing's search results to confirm your website's warning there:

  1. Search for your website on Bing.
  2. In the Bing search results, click on the title for your website's link. If Bing has flagged your website, you'll see a dialog box that reads "Careful!".

Dispute a SearchScan warning

If your website's description in the Yahoo Search results contains a SearchScan warning, you can have it re-evaluated by Microsoft by locating and following the instructions for re-evaluation in the Bing Webmaster Tools Help & How-To Center.

Note - Yahoo is not able to change a Microsoft decision on a website's SearchScan warning.