Disable Compatibility View in IE 10, 11, and Edge

If tabs and other interactive features on Yahoo7 aren't working properly in Internet Explorer or Edge, turning off the "Compatibility View" feature should fix the problem.

Disable compatibility mode in Internet Explorer 10

  1. Click Tools | select F12 developer tools.
    - The "F12" window appears below.
  2. Click Browser Mode | select the latest version of Internet Explorer.
  3. Restart your browser.

Disable compatibility mode in Internet Explorer 11 or Edge

  1. Access the browser's menu, from the top-right:
    • Internet Explorer - Click the Tools icon Image of the Tools icon in Internet Explorer 11..
    • Edge - Click the More icon Image of the More icon in Microsoft Edge..
  2. Click F12 Developer Tools.
    - The "F12" window appears below.
  3. Click the Emulation tab.
  4. Under "User agent string," select the following:
    • Internet Explorer - Internet Explorer 11 (Default)
    • Edge - Microsoft Edge (Default)
  5. Under "Browser profile," select Desktop.
  6. Restart your browser.