Get started with Yahoo homepage

Yahoo homepage shows relevant, popular content in a self-contained web experience that helps you get the most out of your day. Get familiar with how it works.

Search with confidence

All of the world's info and content is within your reach. Yahoo Search lets you find info, videos, images and more about any topic, anytime, anywhere.

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News that matters to you

Check out the news feed to get comprehensive coverage of the top stories . When you click on any new story, it opens in an overlay, so you never have to leave the page. When you're done reading the story, just click the X to return to where you were or keep scrolling for more news.

Your weather at a glance

See what the weather looks like for your area over the next few days to help you anticipate what's coming up.

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Make Yahoo your sport hub

Check the news across different sports from motorsports to tennis, football, NBA and more, or simply search for any team or player. Follow your favorite team and stay up to date with their latest results or check their upcoming events, all from a single hub, just click More scores and discover your favorite sport place on the web.

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