Yahoo7 customer service phone number

Yahoo7 proudly offers help channels where you can find answers to many of your technical questions. While technical support by phone isn't available, depending on your question or issue, we may be able to help you through email, chat, help articles, or our Yahoo7 help communities.

If you're looking for assistance, the best place to start is by browsing or searching our help articles here on Yahoo7 Help Central. You can also click Contact Us and choose a product to see the available support options. If you're on a mobile device, tap Support options | Contact us.

Protect yourself from a fake Yahoo7 support phone number

If you see what someone claims is a Yahoo7 Customer Care phone number posted online, whether it's on Facebook, Twitter or another social media channel, a web forum, or on a help site that claims to provide Yahoo7 tech support, it's not Yahoo7, and it's not a Yahoo7 phone number!

We know there are fake Yahoo7 contact numbers posted online, which is why it's important to be sure you're getting support from Yahoo7 Customer Care. We encourage you to use the support options here on Yahoo7 Help Central. These are verified Yahoo7 customer service options that will direct you to the best support path for your issue.

Remember: support from Yahoo7 is always free. If you call what you think is a Yahoo7 customer service phone number and are asked for credit card, banking, or account login info, end the call immediately. Handing over this information could compromise your account and your financial information.