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Secure a hacked Yahoo7 account

Yahoo7 takes account security seriously. No matter how strong your password is, scammers are always trying to find new ways to get your personal information. If you think someone else has accessed your Yahoo7 account, take the following actions to make sure your account is secure. It's also a good idea to review our article on the signs your account has been hacked.

Update your security information

Change your password

Review your account settings

Go to the Account information page to make sure your information hasn't been changed.

  • Alternate contact details - Click Update your contact information.
    • Check that the email addresses and phone numbers listed are correct and belong to you.
  • Security Questions - Click Update password-reset info.
    • Update your security questions and answers to ensure that they're current and were created by you.
  • Reset your language - Learn the steps to reset your language if it was changed to one you don't recognize.

Review your Yahoo7 Mail settings

Other things to look for

 Keep yourself safe online: Visit our Yahoo7 Security Center to learn how to protect your privacy, your PC, and more.

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