Manage emails not addressed to you in Yahoo Mail

If there are emails in your inbox that are not addressed to you, there are a few things you can do. Once you identify the senders, deal with them depending on who they are.

Identify the senders

Before taking action, determine who's sending you these emails. This may not be as simple as checking the "From" field. Spammers and malware may try to hide or fake their identity. Check the full header of the email message.

Consider whether you are the intended recipient

If your address isn't in the "To" or "CC" fields, you may be an intended "BCC" (blind carbon copy) recipient. Senders use the BCC field to hide addresses from non-BCC recipients, often for privacy.

Yahoo Mail addresses are unique - emails in your inbox are never for someone else with the same address. When users create new Yahoo accounts, their IDs are checked against our worldwide database and denied if they already exist.

Take action

  1. Notify senders - Tell known senders about their mistaken or excessive emails.
  2. Filter emails - Automatically send emails from an address or domain to a separate folder.
  3. Mark their emails as spam - Notify Yahoo that an address is a spammer and automatically send all its incoming emails to the Spam folder.