Configuring Yahoo7 Messenger voice mail


For Yahoo7 Messenger 10 and lower

To use the Yahoo7 Messenger voice mail service, you first need to set up an email address where your voice mail can be forwarded. To designate an email address:

  1. Select Contacts | Call History
  2. Click on Set Up Voicemail and choose an email address

Voice mail messages will now automatically be delivered to the address you selected, as an email attachment, in .mp3 format.

To retrieve a voice mail message from an email, select the .mp3 attachment within the email message and open it in your favorite audio player (iTunes, Windows Media Player, and so on).

Please Note: Yahoo7 does not save a backup of your deleted voice mail message attachments. Please make sure you save a copy on your computer if you don't want to lose the voice mail.  

Messenger 11 and 11.5

  1. In the Messenger window, select Contacts | Conversation History.
  2. One of two things happen:
    • If this is the first time you’ve opened the Conversation History window, you’ll see a note inviting you to set up your voice mail. Click the Set Up Voicemail button.
    • If you’ve already indicated your email address, a line at the bottom of the window tells you where your voice mail is being delivered. If you want to change it, click the Change link.
  3. Select the email address that you’d like to have your voice mail delivered to.
  4. Close the Conversation History window.



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